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About Little Walden

Little Walden is carefully curated for you by the Slidecraft team. We know how precious your time is so we only select creative and inspirational highlights from the week for you to savour alongside a freshly brewed mug of coffee. It's the perfect excuse to escape, put your feet up and recharge. We hope you enjoy.

About Slidecraft

Slidecraft reinvents presentations for the digital world to be more engaging and to be the start of a conversation between you and your audience. Slides can be fully interactive, capturing and sharing data in real-time and provide more depth and context to the audience than traditional slides. Presentations are quick and easy to create and give you full control over the design. We were disillusioned by the value slides provided audiences and presenters in the digital world so we set about to create a more engaging platform to allow for interaction and conversation. Our goal was ambitious but simple, to connect knowledgeable and passionate people and inspire conversations and ideas that will change the world.

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