Issue #98 – The one with Creating a Routine for Creative Success


Kids, Product Launches and 1,001 more excuses

First off, an apology for missing a few weeks of Little Walden – I totally underestimated the impact of tiny feet in our house. πŸ‘ΆπŸ» Alongside this we’d just launched the beta of Slidecraft and we’ve been frantically developing new features, creating example presentations and speaking to our wonderful beta users.

I do feel bad, I love creating Little Walden and missed pulling this together. It’s been great catching up on weeks of articles I’d marked to read later. It’s been a total content binge week for me πŸ“š

Hope you enjoy the selection I’ve picked out for you this week and I look forward to getting back to our weekly inbox meetings.

P.S. If you would like to try Slidecraft
let me know, would be great to have some Little Waldonites on board.

Finding creative inspiration: A Routine for Repeatable Creative Success

What can we learn from creative geniuses past and present to produce a repeatable system for delivering creativity on tap.

Articles are great for displaying secondary content. They are attention grabbers but not to the extent of Billboards or Tabloids. Articles are commonly used to show a list of items.

The stars of the new short film β€œSOLO NYC” sound off on how they overcame the odds to build the businesses of their dreams.

Nice article about the balance of career and parenthood.

This is a beautifully put together website showing the advice 30 designers would retrospectively give to their younger self.

Lots of designers experience creative burnout, but it can be avoided.

It’s always good to challenge convention. Here’s a different approach to prioritisation than you’ll perhaps normally read.

Here are 25 brands that are currently winning at the visual content marketing game:

Do you recognise and of these seven deadly sins of freelancing, and how guilty of them are you?

10 essential UX tools to help you enjoy your time as a freelancer.

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