Issue #106 – The one with a guide to making the best year ever


Leo Babauta shares how to create aspirations that will actually happen and then put a plan in place that will make them a reality.

Whether you’re a photographer, illustrator, director or aspiring artist, we’ve gathered some advice on making sure your work stands out online.

We’re all living such hectic lives, sometimes we just need to take a step back and embrace the now.

“We have to be careful about having a school that reflects only one part of what a full life might be; school should institute something bigger than just work.”

Learning how to set effective goals is the first step to translating ideas into actions.

All of us could be better at managing our day, whether we work remotely or not. Here’s what Tobias Van Schneider has learned helps the most.

Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Mirjam de Bruijn has designed a series of decorative objects that can all be used to improve posture while working

Employees, colleagues and suppliers do not just crave a paycheck – here are some creative ways to increase motivation and productivity.

Discovering design in the nordic region’s lesser known destination – Finland.

Looking for a challenge for the New Year? Try one of these alternative resolutions…

Nature always has the best designs! The frilled tentacles of the Halitrephes maasi jelly off Baja California, Mexico.

Some designers border on the undateable. Here are some of the most common reasons why…

Don’t forget that even after you build the fancy new product or business of yours, you probably have a catch-22 to solve.

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