Issue #105 – The one with doing your best creative work of your life.


This is a reflective but inspiring article – plenty of nuggets in this one.

Thanks to a few new, exciting freelance trends, 2018 is shaping up to be a great year to be a gig worker, solopreneur or contractor.

Chris Bailey’s advice on conducting an end-of-year productivity review. Regular reviews can be really useful and year end is the perfect excuse for reflection and planning.

There are many reasons why clients might leave. For the most part, the decision is out of your control and nothing personal.

We’ve all been there. The creator of the new Chrome extension “Nothing on the Internet” decided to do something about it.

Is success a catalyst for failure? It sounds irrational, but as Greg McKeown explains, the constant drive to achieve may actually be working against us.

Find out how to spot and support strengths, even in your most annoying co-worker!

Patagonia created a new standard for brand values when they sued the Trump administration over conservation of national monuments.

Photographer Reuben Wu’s latest series captures the surreal landscape of the frozen scientific hub.

It’s grown locally, processed locally, 3D-printed locally, and sold locally. And its inventors think it could change how we buy just about everything.

In the design industry, there is some good news. Many designers are taking their own roles in the events of 2017 to heart–and many of them have big plans to make 2018 a better year.

This is an incredible read – a glimpse of our future on land too perhaps. Carnival’s plans to turn cruises into something out of Minority Report.

Of all the things you freelancers are guilty of doing, the most common (and frustrating) happens to be working for free.

If you aren’t the “secret ingredient” in your own productivity formula, no system is going to work for you.

“We have old dreams. We have images we want to re-create. They’re hard to untangle from the result we really want. They become excuses, and reasons to procrastinate.”

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