Issue #101 – The one with future jobs not feeling like work


Innovation expert David Lee says that we should start designing jobs that unlock our hidden talents and passions — the things we spend our weekends doing — to keep us relevant in the age of robotics.

Being creative is exhilarating. So is getting paid for it. If you want to learn how to find work as a creative entrepreneur, look no further.

Do you know the key to starting your day successfully? It involves preparation, self-care and centering yourself.

Investors, banks, and governments are all experimenting with blockchain technology inspired by Bitcoin.

Sometimes it’s not about the words we write. These photos tell their own story.

A company you’ve never heard of handles bills for 5,000 businesses. Here is their vision of a less confounding future.

Lack of diversity in content and contributors is killing our reliable sources of information. Here’s why your company should be concerned.

Get your brain moving in the right direction with creativity-inducing apps.

When it comes down to it: the reality is there will always be something to get in the way of creativity.

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