Issue #100 – The one with the booklist for Content creators


For content creators who want to protect themselves from burnout, these books about content can give plenty of inspiration—without the marketing.

Are you planning for, or reacting to the future? “the future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed”

Working at home isn’t always easy, especially when there’s nobody else around to share in your successes. Here’s how to break out of freelance isolation.

“Today, [a successful company] is not just about the product or the experience, but it’s about the story. Brand is the biggest differentiator in what can drive growth.”

This has to make it onto a foodies checklist! 2019…mark it in your calendar.

Our days can feel like a crazy sea of distraction, stress, busyness and overwhelm. Leo Babauta shares simple things to create the elegance of simplicity in your work life.

A totally different take on travel photography. Abstract Aerial Art, recently launched this ethereal series of photographs after returning from their travels around the world.

A great read revealing the attitude of nomads to possessions that offer an interesting parallel to our new digital age of traveling light.

Action Method launches two super minimal notebooks with no color or branding that give you full, neutral pages to keep your organized and on task.

We’ve all had those situations… Now maybe there’s an escape! Learn how to make an automated phone call to yourself.

The loss of polar ice may seem like an abstract concern, but it’s one that will affect all of us, says glaciologist Michele Koppes.

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